Not as good as gold and

Not as good as gold and Seiko Watches silver price of 10,000 yuan cost 3,000 Liquidity

Wan Zi-hong, now on the market only two ways: First, you are the cheapest; Second, you can become the consumers are willing to pay for a premium brand. Hypermarkets and electricity supplier is clearly in the first way, and squeeze in the Replica Movado Watches traditional brand of the second road are Replica Hermes Watches either squeezed into the second line (the possibility of the first-line brand in a short period of time is too young) or die based on the recognition of domestic consumers, the so-called first-line brand, Cartier (Cartier), Hai Rui Winston (Harry Winston), Tiffany (Tiffany Cleef DO, of course, a large number of well-known regional brands in the channels of the traditional department store industry and third line brands at least take away more than 70% market share, and hypermarkets main competitors and capture share what they object. We plan to cut the main they the hands of the cake, because the third-tier brands and luxury goods should not give consumers the glory, but also the price of the luxury brand sales, which is unreasonable, it is impossible for a long time. Wan Zi-hong said. 1234 Next >>

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