Party Diamond Table opinions!

Party Diamond Table opinions!

July 1, 2011, the great Chinese Communist Party 90th anniversary of the founding of December 26, 2011 is the 118 anniversary of the birth of the great leader Chairman Mao, the past 90 years, Chairman Mao, the Communist Party, led the majority of the people together arduous struggle to overthrow the old society together to create a Replica Chopard Watches great socialist new China. To honor this great moment in history, the relevant departments for the first time approved an exception to the two major themes of Chairman Mao, the founding a perfect fit Chairman Mao Zedong Diamond Table King collections, which is unique in the history of watchmaking the. Only gold, diamonds together with the precise time watch, to the eternal honor of this great moment, this precious moment, called the history of watchmaking masterpiece shaking will also always load the world history of watchmaking 999 pure gold to create the Chairman Mao avatar, 180 natural diamond emblem, custom Swiss mechanical movement, to create our first Chairman Mao Zedong Diamond Table King, exquisite workmanship, amazing value!

New China’s first high-value building the party Diamond table, by a pair of men, women watch, the shape design international classic Rolex fashion models, the dial is 12:00 mosaic pure gold avatar of Chairman Mao, the center of the dial by 90 diamonds in South Africa inlaid emblem shape, the perfect interpretation of the great man and founding two major themes. Movement descendant of Switzerland, the father of modern watchmaking Murat Masters specially tailored original Swiss automatic mechanical movement, sapphire crystal glass, the calendar display the index reached the the Observatory standard, consumed 999 pure gold, Each table inlaid with more than 100 pieces of natural diamonds in South Africa, highlight the distinguished. Each block table from molding, carved, inlaid, adjustment, 986 polishing process, a depth of 50 meters waterproof, anti-magnetic, shock, and even the strap is made of the world’s most popular outside buckle, pure steel with gold slingshot strap . Production technology and manufacturing process is extremely complex, everywhere is crafted, can not be copied two Chairman Mao Party Diamond Table King watch was 12,800 yuan, print limited edition of 2011 sets the value of the enormous potential, the National People have competing order

Out of print Chairman Mao. Party Diamond table king National 2011 pairs of limited edition 2011 sets into the hands of ordinary Burberry Watches people did not remove the specific needs related to leadership. The Asian Jewellery Confederation of the Secretary-General stressed, set mechanical movement of imports, Switzerland cutting-edge technology, sapphire crystal glass, 999 gold, Chairman of the more than 200 diamonds table king, and sold 12,800 yuan each pair, this is obviously a line pipe The department intends to limit the limited edition, a huge collection of space reserved for the future. Chairman Mao’s 100th anniversary in 1993, the national special issue of Chairman Mao silver watch, has now been turned over 50 times. Special to celebrate the President’s birthday and the 90th anniversary of the wholesale line of print Chairman Mao Zedong Replica Bvlgari Watches Diamond table king in the country a mere 2011 pairs of circulation, must be created in a short period of time amazing value miracle!

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