Party in my heart

Party in my heart

Our great country has a vast territory, with four distinct seasons. In this magical land, birds are flying long grass of spring; summer clear pond Dutch rhyme; autumn fallen flowers; snow winter sky. In this romantic ancient bred countless heroes and heroines, they are the backbone of the country, they are the hope of the nation, they are correct Communist Party of China. Looking back at the past 90 years, history with a vivid record of the earth-shaking changes in this country. Look at the present, ninety footprint, I party with adhere to this nation to create a bright flower in the spring. Communist Party of China led the Chinese people to create a new myth. To ask the party in my mind is it? I will answer your firm, she is the eternal spring!

Ice, A thousand Piao winter articles

Remember that it was the season winter, bitterly cold north wind, people colder than this season. It was an era of what? Humiliating; cede territory and pay indemnities are commonplace, humiliation; trampled upon is perfectly justified. Government corruption and incompetence of the armed forces, powers drive if cattle and sheep, land called concession. War year after year, people living in dire poverty. People with lofty ideals shouted: save the nation and strengthen the country, so political reform, so improved. Can only go tiger; to the wolf, people still Lamb. A man as he under Lin Humenxiaoyan rule, Sun Yat-sen Guangzhou Uprising National Salvation crisis. As everyone knows, China is unknown, the country nor the country, only that, left standing grudge, regret the nether world. Pipe can be destroyed, but the people have been poison into the soul; although the country is still there, but the mechanism is terminally ill. Shall hope that corruption behind the Manchu court? How he that birds of a feather warlord Marshal carries the dream? The Hundred Days Liujunzi Reform fails, the failed uprising of the National Revolutionary Army. Again and again trying to exchange for the cold north wind, no sign of life in the long winter. Until winter warm westerly chant: If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Green, the boundless vitality Kasuga articles

Said the chill of early spring is not false, but that the snow has by hid grass growth, but nourish the seeds of hope. Experienced suffering and explore, people finally found a suitable way of Marxism-Leninism. When the the Soviet international wind blowing sleeping land, everything started to recover. In the ordinary residential houses in Shanghai a table next to the, Pan Jiaxing Nanhu scenic tour boats, a great journey began. Although the skies are gray; although the enemies monitoring; although only thirteen delegates, but a big party or with the spring breeze; Jubilee; a spring rain, blowing open confused; awakened men; nourish all things. July 1921, exactly 90 years ago today, in spring day looking forward to for a long time, the Communist Party of China from scratch; from weak to strong; from childishness to maturity, unlimited revolutionary zeal and feudalism; bureaucratic capitalism; imperialist anti-earn. My party to the spirit of the Foolish Old Man, together with the toiling masses, arduous struggle. In the Divine Land vibrant, Marxism-Leninism sent the seeds of revolution spring rain to bring nourishment to adapt to the situation of China Mao Zedong Thought flowers all over the country! Since then a red sun rising from the east, With the bright road of the Chinese revolution. This is my party on the historical stage debut, opened a new page from the history of China!

The heat Falling Star, Sun and heat of the summer articles

All things are twists and turns in advance, our party no exception. The party is optimistic, a second armed incident counterattack, again and again, and again the Joint siege, but a more like sleep mountain thousands of miles of snow, the joy of three Armies. From the debut stage of history to join the national revolution began, the party at the the Chen Duxiu the Right capitulationism of route error leadership, only a million more than 60,000 party members. This is the first defeat of the party, my party timely convening of the end of the August 7th Meeting rightist induced re-find the right direction. To the leadership of the party agrarian revolution, actively planning several armed uprising but failed, so the party again to find a cause, began to change blindly attack the strategic policy of large cities, and turned to go encircling the cities, armed seizure Maoist regime. After this there is the fire of revolution the base Biancha to, like bamboo shoots after rain emerged. The development of the National Party members of more than 30 million people. Utilities are not easy, disaster come again. Wang Ming’s leftist adventurism led to the fifth anti-encirclement failed, party members and reduced to four people. To preserve the effective strength of the Red Army was forced to start the strategic shift of up to 25000. The party did not give up hope, once again held the Zunyi Meeting, the end of the left-leaning error, established by Mao Zedong as the core leadership. In life and death, the party to save himself, saved the Red Army, but also to save the Chinese revolution, only the victory of the national liberation war later. Founding of New China, due to lack of knowledge of the political situation and the lack of preparation; socialist construction, but also led to the anti-rightist campaign of 1957; 1985 Great Leap Forward Movement of People ; 1959 anti-rightist campaign. Timely understanding of our party to the 1960 error, begin to correct the extreme left problem, adjust, consolidate, enrich and improve the eight-character principle and the national economy. Seven thousand people on the left does not solve the economic error, which directly led to the catastrophe Replica Zenith watches of the 10-year Cultural Revolution , the party once again stood facing the survival of a critical juncture. In October 1976, I was party to crush the Gang of Four, bring order out of chaos was held the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee in December 1978. Since then, began to shift the focus to economic construction. The cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics on the right track, in rough explore the road With the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory as a guide. BREITLING Super Avenger The heat was hot, but the party, such as a wisp of breeze blowing over the history of the lake, blown into reality with a cool comfort. Want to keep the party fresh vitality, it is necessary to flow like this breeze, poor thinking, thinking, change, change the pass. This driving force then what is it? Marxism-Leninism is constantly in China, the Three Represents and the scientific concept of development, building a harmonious society with its national conditions and adapt to the important thinking. I party in order to promote the continuous development of socialist various undertakings. Today, the Communist Party of China amounted to approximately 78 million people, which requires maintaining the Party’s fine tradition is particularly necessary. The free airing of credibility, seeking truth from facts, Zhicuojiugai strengthen the minds of party members, state-of-the-art thinking and improve the quality of party members, so that living in summer, 心静自然凉, so as to always maintain the party’s youth.

The gold wind chill things dying autumn articles

The Kulai autumn main weapons. Autumn chill, far less than the brutality of war. Numerous Communists for the oppressed people of sacrifice and martyrdom. The War of Resistance Against Japan, in the face of alien invasion, my party as the mainstay of the anti-Japanese, played a huge role. Efforts to promote not only the two KMT-CPC cooperation and anti-Japanese family name create a united front, and its direct war against Japan 12.5 million, made an indelible contribution to the liberation of the Chinese nation. When Chiang Kai-shek betrayed the Double Ten Agreement launched a brutal civil war, our military to meet the challenge, the flexibility to attack the masses to rely not take property from the masses of iron discipline to the specification, to the benefit of the people for the faith. Eventually overthrow the shackles of the three big mountains. Autumn things dying party but as the autumn wind swept in general, Broken Army swept the reactionaries. Much like the Golden Monkey rose supremely rods, Yuyu clarify Miles Aye. Without the Communist Party there would be no new China! Increased aircraft guns in the war, why our party will defeat the enemy millet plus rifles mean? The answer is obvious: to have the support of the people of the world, hearts and minds is the key. War justice will triumph, justice rely on the people and for the people’s liberation war. People are the foundation, the solid help rather statecraft, because the leadership of the party is given by the people, so the party’s purpose is to serve the people. Changes of the four seasons, the eternal spring. Historically, our party has gone through the test of winter, came into being in the spring of hope, her hope and the Chinese revolution. Our party through the hot summer baptism, constantly better ourselves, constantly reflect on Marxism in China to better adapt to the changes in China’s national conditions. The Communist Party of China was still in the war-torn autumn, the people call the shots, to dislodge all the invading enemy. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, China has now decided to stand in the world of the forest, the history is irreversible, are creating a better future. The four seasons of nature through the 90 cycle, the leadership of the party into an eternal spring.

The party’s leadership, China has achieved a number of people to whom shocking results: from the first atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, the first artificial satellite launch to Shenzhou VI, the Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft, space travel, from Hong Kong, Macao and return to the centuries Olympic Dreams; nations gathered in Beijing, opening from a successful accession to the WTO to the Shanghai World Expo gorgeous, from the Green Paper ordinary iron to the high-speed rail legend, from the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to the Three Gorges Project, the West-East Gas Pipeline to South – from the development of coastal zones to revitalize the northeast old industrial base, takes a hundred years of compulsory education to the Millennium, the abolition of agricultural tax, from the construction of urban and rural health care to housing security funds …… although the change is huge, marshes, can the party serving the people The aim is always the same. Now China’s political, cultural, economic, scientific, educational, medical services, sports, military construction in the spring. Our party was born in the spring, and will remain forever in the spring.

The moment, when the cold spell, the first Replica Breguet watches time to come forward party, her people call the shots, the country and people from untold miseries, I still remember when the floods struck, assault in the former Communist Party members and build a levee, with flesh and blood. When the earthquake struck, and they race against time and death race with both hands dug students hope. When that SARS, SARS struck, defying danger sits in the front-line. Though they in all walks of life, but they have a common name Communist Party, the party is the patron of the Chinese people, for the people to create a spring, she created a timeless myth. Time flies, fleeting, an arrow flies like water, but 90 uploaded footprint buried my heart. Another spring came to sing folk songs to the Party. 90 Upload trials and hardships, set out 90 magnificent turn, lead China into the rich and powerful in the spring. The face of the changes of the four seasons, the changes of history, the party in my mind, is the eternal spring. Regardless of wartime or peacetime, as long as the party in the spring of my heart will never fail.

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