Positive hepatitis B regularly check

Positive hepatitis B regularly check

Positive hepatitis B regularly check? Liver disease hospital of Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Wang said: positive hepatitis B in China is more and more common, it is the time of the threat to the lives of patients. Hello, everyone is really good, we attach great importance to this disease, so I hope to patients with a doctor treated good. First, patients with liver disease should always pay attention to his body to the hospital to be checked regularly, healthy people should pay attention to preventive measures in the period of active hepatitis B virus replication. Well, three positive need to check what it?

Many patients think that the condition of the three positive hepatitis B you said is not so serious, do not require treatment, more attention to some of the eating habits just fine as long as in normal life, the treatment of more than a waste of money, those paying the money to take medicine than to take over the buy supplements to eat. Is it really so? Professor Wang said positive hepatitis B great harm to human body, when the disease in addition to induce a variety of complications, but also want to liver fibrosis, cirrhosis evolution, endangering the lives of patients, so be sure to increase the emphasis on a regular pathological biopsy: there is no lack of clinically asymptomatic positive hepatitis B liver biopsy biopsy, often suggestive of liver fibrosis or cirrhosis tendency to regularly check on the secret abnormal situation provide timely intervention, is very beneficial to the prevention and control of the development of the disease, periodic liver function: liver function tests transaminase ALT is a sensitive marker of liver cell injury, the estimation of the treatment of the disease and the disease important reference; addition decreased albumin may also be prompted to liver cell damage, white ball A / G ratio may the inversion often prompts cirrhosis; recommended that the long-term normal liver function, you can review the first 36 months, and if liver function abnormalities in the treatment of stage should be prescribed, periodic review of the hepatitis B virus DNA: detection of hepatitis B virus replication index periodic testing, not only a good understanding of viral replication in vivo and found that the variation of the hepatitis B virus and anti-viral drug treatment and efficacy based on the assessment need to be reminded: DNA by PCR quantitative detection sensitivity and high false positive rate, it should be noted that the large, regular hospital detection in order to avoid errors and delay treatment four regular alpha-fetoprotein test: Replica Zenith watches Through liver cancer markers AFP, periodic testing for early detection of liver cancer is valuable significance, in particular, was diagnosed with liver cancer in high-risk groups, such BREITLING Super Avenger as age in over 40 years of long-term viral hepatitis B positive patients, recommend regular testing of liver cancer prevention and effective control is very beneficial technologies recommended HBV targeted immune therapy to overcome the positive hepatitis B virus mutation, drug resistance two difficulties

Multi-party certification authority of: liver disease, anti-viral treatment is the key immunomodulatory treatment is the key, the combination of Chinese and Western way out!

In March 2013, the Sichuan Chinese medicine liver disease hospital joint Southwest Research Institute of Liver Diseases, the American International Academy of Culture, as well as over a hundred of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Union Hospital, Tongji Hospital, Huashan Hospital, West China Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases, cell biological and immune subject matter experts, DC on the outcome of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine activate and regulate the adaptive immune system cells, combined with the support of the Chinese immunomodulatory application to demonstrate, in the treatment of liver diseases, the ultimate success in the hospital the original two-gene immunotherapy based on the upgrade immunological theory of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the fundamental principles of cell biology applications for important guidance, combined with the traditional Chinese medicine treatment system – a new generation of liver disease and Western bivalent targeted immunotherapy HBV targeted immunotherapy in patients with autologous blood as a starting point, combined with advanced equipment and drugs the the activated DC cell reinfusion into the patient, DC records of patients with HBV antigen and passed to T lymphocytes, which occurred in the immune response, initiate virus targeting, take the initiative to attack, kill the virus the same time, hospitals play a dominant position from the students in the study of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of liver diseases, in the course of treatment, the joint Chinese rousing, regulate bodily functions, to further strengthen the body immune function. Combining Chinese and Western indicators solution, both to uphold, but also regulate the immune to inhibit viral Tips: three positive can be cured, it is important to see the patients then received no treatment, a detailed description of the above Professor Wang, I believe that patients will have some perception, we are all very cherish their own lives, I think that certainly did not Zenith watches say where he died, just want to sit there waiting to die. Time is money you waiting for, act now!

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