Samsung Armani lead the new wave of luxury business phone

Samsung Armani lead the new wave of luxury business phone

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[YORK Beijing May 28] Hermes suits, Rolex watches, Rolls-Royce cars …… the growth of luxury brands, creating a people symbolic respected, the one luxury business trend in that it has hit. Adhere to the forefront of the trend of Fashion Technology Samsung Versace Watches mobile phones, accurate understanding of the pinnacle of luxury famous common, from the taste and experience point of view of the high-end business people, the Replica RXW Watches introduction of unique transboundary design concept, unveiled the new Samsung Giorgio Armani mobile phone Pictured : Samsung Giorgio Armani and Rolls-Royce complement each other

The design excellence demeanor enjoy cross-

If you are a high-end business people, do not know Armani seems a bit behind the times. As the world’s top luxury brands, Armani represents a way of life, a bold and dynamic symbol of the male and female gorgeous, sexy, Tian Yi and creative interpretation to the extreme. When you do not know what to wear Replica Bvlgari Watches when wearing ARMANI Yes!

Samsung mobile phones will Armani brand essence of the introduction of mobile phone design, surgeon personally invited world-renowned fashion guru Giorgio Armani, the integration of the Anima brand elegant and fresh temperament, bringing together high-end smartphones in 2010 top technology elements, in perfect detail for the user to create a supreme experience, highlighting the impeccable taste for luxury Pictured: Samsung Giorgio Armani phone highlighting luxury business style

Samsung Giorgio Armani mobile phone body design elegant and smooth, delicate texture and clean lines through the exhibit simple beauty and strength; copper-gold-tone metallic paint shell fashion calm, low-key in full bloom with unique elegance; built-exclusive wallpaper The user interface is also a professional the Armani team of design, noble descent. It uses the unique shape of the sliding cover design, adding more business atmosphere for mobile phones; open the sliding cover screen can be raised 30 degrees, not only to facilitate the users to watch or enter fashion business people showing Zoran style cross- community, the perfect interpretation of the Samsung Giorgio Armani phone has been to create a 1> 2 brand effect, manifested by superior style has become the choice of the Chinese celebrities. You do not know what to use mobile phone, the Samsung Armani on the right!

Exclusive luxury experience of the top science and technology

Luxury luxury brands as the automotive sector, Rolls-Royce called the most advanced materials provider and the most advanced technology applied by the perfect combination. As the world’s best engine manufacturer, Rolls-Royce to motorists the most HIGH driving experience. As the Rolls Royce, exclusive luxury experience is the pursuit of the goal of the Samsung Giorgio Armani Samsung phone functions and technical innovation, efforts to reach the results of verification.

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