The party the Duan concentrated Millennium Culture

The party the Duan concentrated Millennium Culture

The Duan town gurabardha side of the road, the base pond, Qiang Qiang stone quarry sound one after another, each system Yan people are waiting for this miracle of epic proportions. Hundred people, every two or three steps to see Yan artisans hard at work — case placed before the stone, and the left hand nails, right hand hammer. From time to time the small Yan Carpenter visible 90, wearing headphones, humming a popular song, rattled beat stone. Some of them are working for the system Yan plant, a month can earn three or four thousand; simply some fun random Daoteng a variety of patterns. With more than a thousand years ago, they the streamer Yanshitai and dust, is rife in the book home run over the seasons Tang Dynasty, Duan began early mining, there at the desk of the men of letters. Only when the Duan mainly practical for the more popular Yan Kei-shaped, shaped like a dustpan with foot, regardless of Yan Tang, inkstone, storage, a lot of ink. The mid-Tang, Duan and other works of art continue to evolve and develop, Yan-shaped, Yan increasing evolution from plain paper stationery, practical and appreciate the combination of practical crafts. This initial grinding the ink, Ci pen, appliances, gradually become a blend of stone, pattern and carving works of art such as Kei-shaped Yan was originally popular because it can be stored for a large number of ink, Duan board the four famous ink the first, first, because it is easy to use. Duan profession beam lifts, the story of a women and children, according to legend, the early years of the Tang Dynasty, once the examinations will try capital snow, candidates are grinding Replica Piaget Watches out of ink quickly into ice can not write, and one from Duanzhou beam lifts, went so far as to their own treasure Yan Oh gas ink to complete the exam, the emperor learned, coming as a tribute. Midwinter arctic, He Yan ordinary ice, water-rock alone whether Duan began to be known in the world, to become literati favorite things, Duan Zheng-hui also careful enemy Jade Anhui Inkstone. Six Petit notes records the end of the creek is not OK, Wuyuan stone (the Inkstone stone) said first, the Inkstone the same as coming to a decision goods. But compared with the Duan, compete Tatemi. The great calligrapher Liu Gongquan Duan as head of the famous ink, even non-end Yan. Inkstone in the Southern Song Dynasty experienced two collapsed pit stop mining for hundreds of years, the loss of the capital Duan Zheng-hui However what really makes Duan Mingyangtianxia, ​​to become the first of all the Yan hair ink . Under the ink too quickly fell injury ink pen, ink too slow to the blunt riding a horse, a few steps take the lead, Duan ink hair just right, fell in love with oil welled with ink sadness for the history of calligrapher Jane shape, rich and varied lines of the artist the may to stroking duanzhou inkstone, of Yan face or meticulous pine, or pomegranate leaves Juanshu; highlight the strong build in the feminine, dynamic serene in the possession of volts; natural, round live with fatness, it was really fun, fan moment paintings of nature, life. System Yan famous LIU Yan Liang said, some of the stone is better, higher artistic value Duan, often financial sculpture, painting, poetry, and seal in one. Duan of the United States, both because of the old crater of stone and is famous for also Zhaoqing Yan Carpenter material applied arts, the crowning touch on the pretext of Heavenly, the stone skin color for the rocks, use infestation of the Yanshitai itself to cast caves, Rockeye fish brain freeze the plastic moon and stars, white clouds billowing tide into the mood of the poetry or the meaning of the historical allusions to restore the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and rich civilization, Replica Mont Blanc Watches party The Yan, concentrated Chinese culture is one of the ancient Chinese scholars to matter than Chi tradition, Duan Jian Zhen, Run Yize a Chinese literati personality cf. Many literati Duan put it down from that Yan addiction, and proud of it. Tang Ming Chen Chu Sui-liang was the Taizong reward party ink stone, then Run Bede, type in square engraved around Tamachi Note days to Juan Yan Wen, Yan Yu Tak. Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, a Tibetan Yan home with 20 gold and a Flirting painting in exchange for a party under a rock sub-Quyu eye Wen Zhengming carved Ming Duan, and to and nephrite cut out empty cartridge storage tray carved Ming shows the meaning of treasure: gold for Yan laugh at my folly I Road, Yantian wins gold in the past two decades even gains and valuable to me as a cloud.

The Guangdong famous collector Joseph Xie elderly collection hundreds of square Duan. He look back on my set and ink motivation, said Duan the Lingnan pride, Cantonese collection. From the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the four famous ink (referring to Duan and Shandong Lu Yan, the Inkstone Anhui, Jiangxi Lung Tak Yan) status constantly come and go, but Duan is always the first one., From which you can see the previous reading and study their minds. Duan left a lot of articles, some pointing country, like the emperors; some brigade Night books pregnant, like the poet scholar.

February 28, Joseph Xie gift to their collection of 100 multi-Duan Zhaoqing municipal government, and message to the the Zhaoqing good inherited this Glashutte Watches craft, I want the world to see Duan glory, he hope will not fall apart. The was quiet street sounded exciting clang knock rock sound, go into hiding for many years the system Yan regrouping in gurabardha. Some kind of innate feelings of love stone across time and space, in Zhaoqing blood flowing on May 8 this year, the the 23rd National Four Treasures of Study Art Fair, held in Beijing, Zhaoqing mission to bring nearly 2 cubic Duan boutique to go will record a new high of the previous fairs. First the Nisshin Duanyan special number is over people, as much as more than 60 million in sales, there are several manufacturers of products the day he sold more than half of retail outlets selling Duan …… in Zhaoqing street, everywhere; gurabardha has been planned as a Duan cultural city, to become a Duanyan cultural travel lanes, Chinese and foreign tourists flocked to the system Yan has also been admitted to the luxury houses. The inkstone flagship piece, has become one of Zhaoqing synonymous. But who can imagine that 50 years ago the Zhaoqing knife (system Yan) craftsmen, but 30 had its ups and downs, spread in the world, mostly between literati ink stone elegance legend, or Duan bring astronomical wealth, only Su end Shi Yan Ming revealed the the Duanzhou artisans the quarrying pain: the universally condemned pull low centurion shipped pounds, bonfire under the Prevention of Cruelty to the Sri Lanka Jane. adopted out Yanshitai such as three or four into available, was difficult. In case quarrying improper operation, cliff crack, donate life together ……

With the famous and precious, Duan Duan value has long since disappeared Duan; ancient literati, kings relative to its droves, or because it both Kennedy and Ching, also Run Yize the character; modern collectors , more attention may be it’s business card role, because it is the identity, status, taste and a symbol of wealth of historical development trajectory tells us that in ancient Chinese culture is not popular, but a small number of people to create works of art privileges. Duan seems to not be able to get rid of such a fate, as a writing tool, it finally has become a symbol of cultural power; Duan grand reputation spread popularity, communication and popularization of culture, but it does not seem to play a much driven by role, leaving only a few such as should only be heaven legend. Ancient quarrying workers and artisans of the system Yan, mortal own hands Duan holding out, the legend was born from their hands, but in the end, they missed the the gathered by gurabardha system Yan and become legend and art the clang knock rock sound, people could not help but ask whether a work of art exists only as a legend, but not affect everyone’s life? whether the only painting by the painter, sculptor, musician composer, writing a novel writer, photographer photos, our lives of everyone, why can not become a work of art?

Perhaps, and ancient, this problem has now been part of the answer. The Wu Yan Carpenter said: artisanal mining is big machine mining; previously no fan to blow away the dust, so a lot of Yan Carpenter prone to lung disease, he would not have this problem. Secretary of the Society of Duan long Jianhua said: reform and opening up, we did not mind to appreciate arts and crafts, living standards improved, with extra money, you can add some collections this is the premise of the Duan industry back to life.

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