Top watch enclosure pitch

Top watch enclosure pitch

In September, the major European football leagues rekindle the flames quickly to fill the short-term sports vacuum after the Olympics. Competition for football team played on the field in full swing, secretly wrestling managers in the transfer market at the same time, another front PK is also beginning to emerge, that is the watch brand for the big teams, big players and even big-name coaches strong influence and gradually improve the social status of the patch of green has become the top watch the latest battlefield. Wen / Wu Yifan

The two marriage PK capital

For the brief summer, which is fighting a race against time. Just in from Europe, thousands of miles away in Beijing, August has witnessed two wedding – on the 7th of the month, the Hublot Serie veteran teams Juventus signed to become the next two seasons of the latter Official Timekeeper and Official Watch. Just one day after Richard Mille announced together with the Premier League upstart Manchester City club, becoming the latter’s first official timing partner. For the fans, the two signing ceremony all star-studded: Last Hublot invited Bianconeri the most popular superstar Buffon and Andrea Pirlo; after a City manager manjhi led star player Vincent Kompany , Toure brothers, Adam Johnson and Pablo Zabaleta go to join in, even Jackie Chan in continental Replica Maurice Lacroix Watches Europe also came to add to the fun, stunts of the play is also at play in the past five years, European football club Barcelona became the best carrier. Also in early August, the Japanese watch maker SEIKO (Seiko) announced that it was first introduced four FC Barcelona FC Barcelona cooperation commemorative watches. Few days ago, the top brand Audemars Piguet, announced and effectiveness in today’s football, Barcelona’s Big Brother Messi cooperation, the introduction of Royal Oak Messi watch, which is limited to 1000 wrist enclosure movement

If the hands slightly forward dial a month in this year’s European Football Championship in full swing, watch for the new season ambush pen which, IWC continue to maintain their own association of German culture and the German Football Association third successful cooperation: a series of large-scale pilot watch limited edition of the Franck Muller Watches German Football Association, was officially designated as the third edition of the German national team official time, worldwide limited edition of 250 – their handsome coach Joachim Loew Tissot Watches hand worn on this table. When he was England coach Hodgson, wearing a Hublot limited edition of the European Cup. The champions Spain Naturally, this is meat and potatoes, though low-key, but its coach Vicente del Bosque led the team to sweep the World Cup and the European Cup feat, but also to coach wrist piece of Zenith El Primero Series Commander watch out the show even some warm-up is not for the new season – the top watch brand Parmigiani and Brazilian football league CBF marriage there is further intended to. In August this year, Parmigiani as the only partner CBF specified. To this end, Parmigiani specially produced Pershing (Pershing) Series memento of the occasion. In fact, although expensive for the the football kingdom League, but the commercial value of the CBF is a far cry from the five leagues in Europe, the industry is of the view that, Parmigiani is so hard to want the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and 2016 Rio Olympic Games in good stead football, the latest piece of the puzzle

Interestingly, close to the working class flag football, have not traditionally favored high-end watch. But with the 1990s football commercial in full swing, the commercial value of the world’s first sport by leaps and bounds. With players worth and pay the huge rise in football since the turn of the century the number had some of the rich range of children. Beckham, C Luo and other stars, has become a benchmark for stylish, no wonder the high-end watch brands have also turned around and increase investment in football in the past, this cake is almost limited to golf, sailing, tennis, equestrian and other projects. Football upstart Manchester City is the latest piece of the puzzle sports world who are new to Greenery overlord

Of course, are looking for a piece of puzzle much more than Richard Mille one. Tissot and Michael Owen, Timeforce and C Luo, Frank Muller and Boas …… even those retired players are also valuable, such as Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro, Hare Winston spokesperson, the former French star Zinedine Zidane and number one Maradona, were signed in the IWC and Hublot’s two brands, probably can be considered the top watch Greenery hegemony . For Hublot, the recent World Cup and the European Cup, they are the Official Timekeeper sponsor, under the command of a lot of big names, and sign for Juventus in Beijing not long ago, they also signed up Premier League Red Devils Manchester United, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, but also Hublot fans club Strategy with Hublot, IWC flagship national team. In addition to Germany and Loew, Italy coach Cesare Prandelli and France coach Branko wear are also nations. European Championships, Italian wearing an old section of pilots after needle limited edition, the Frenchman wearing Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition (global limited edition of 50) – the former become a dark horse, led the team all the way into the finals, after by the team after the team did not qualify, universally condemned: nations, or license operator no profit no loss, right?

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